Water Information

Kettering University’s water supply is safe to drink.

Independent test results, conducted every six months by a certified analytical lab, indicate lead and other contaminants are below detectable levels or, if detectable, well below state and federal Safe Drinking Water regulatory action levels. Test results are available upon request.

Water Quality Efforts

Kettering’s water system features

  • Modern water infrastructure
  • High flow-rates of water through our system, preventing water from “pooling”
  • No lead-copper transitions in main supply lines

Precautionary measures

  • Recurring testing of all drinking and food service water distribution points on campus and all six Flint Municipal Water system input supply lines
  • Use of regularly maintained and replaced NSF 53 certified filters on all drinking water supplies on campus
  • Replacement of filters occurs earlier than manufacturer recommendations
  • Water supply lines are flushed whenever construction occurs in the area surrounding campus
  • Ongoing replacement of drinking fountains on campus with filtered hydration stations

Testing results

  • Kettering University contracts with Brighton Analytical LLC, an independent lab based in Brighton, Michigan, to conduct recurring tests of its water supply lines and drinking/food service distribution points.
Contact Information

Nadine Thor
Director of Auxiliary Services
(810) 762-7904

Hydration Stations

Academic Building
  • Tunnel entrance
  • FIRST Robotics Community Center
  • Outside main 1st floor restrooms
  • IME, N South hallway, 1st floor
  • IME EW hallway, 1st floor
  • East hallway, 2nd floor
  • Outside room 2-225, 2nd floor
  • ECE north hallway, 2nd floor
  • ECE south hallway, 2nd floor
  • Outside Library entrance
  • Inside Library
  • CETL office
  • North EW hallway, 3rd floor
  • Fourth floor main entrance
  • North north/south hallway, 4th floor
Learning Commons
  • Near Restrooms on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors
Recreation Center
  • 1st floor, Restrooms
  • North side court no. 3
  • 1st floor, Weight room
  • 2nd floor, Lobby
  • 3rd floor, Fitness room
Campus Center
  • B.J.'s Lounge (2)
  • Great Court
  • Sunset Room
  • One each on 3rd, 4th and 5th floors
Thompson Hall
  • E south hallway, 1st floor
  • North hallway, 1st floor
  • W south hallway, 1st floor
  • E south hallway, 2nd floor
  • Lobby, 2nd floor
  • North hallway, 2nd floor
  • W south hallway, 2nd floor
  • E south hallway, 3rd floor
  • North hallway, 3rd floor
  • W south hallway, 3rd floor
  • E south hallway, 4th floor
  • North hallway, 4th floor
  • W south hallway, 4th floor