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The Office of Admissions: Helping You Engineer Your Success

Maybe you’ve heard of Kettering University from friends, alumni or your high school, or maybe you discovered our Co-op program as part of your search for colleges in Michigan that offer experiential learning opportunities. Regardless, the admissions office is here to assist you in finding the path that will cultivate your curiosity, enhance your strengths and help you reach your goals.

Welcome to Kettering University, where applying to college means the start of learning by doing, driving real innovation and gaining over two years of professional experience in your chosen field before you even graduate. Apply to Kettering University admissions today to start down your path.

University Admissions for Undergraduate Students

You’re focused, determined and driven. You value problem-solving, learning by doing and a tight-knit academic community. You’ve attended high school, hold a GED or have some college credit, and you want to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Transfer Student Admissions to Kettering

You’re looking for a transformative educational experience and a transfer-friendly process. You have some college credit but have not yet completed a bachelor’s degree.

Kettering University Graduate Student Admissions

You’re ready for the next step in engineering, entrepreneurship, computer science or business. You’re serious about success and have an eye on the future. You hold a bachelor’s degree from an U.S. college or university.

University Admissions for International Students

You’re interested in pursuing education in the U.S. and want to attend a STEM program that offers real-world work experience before you graduate. You may or may not hold a bachelor’s degree.

Kettering University Online Student Admissions

You want to experience Kettering’s leadership in engineering and related fields in an online context. You are a working professional or distance learner pursuing a graduate degree.

Why Apply to Kettering?

From the unrivaled co-op program and state-of-the-art research facilities to student competition teams, you’ll experience no shortage of hands-on learning opportunities. If experiential and practical learning at a leading STEM institution sounds exciting, the Kettering University admissions office welcomes you to apply or learn more.

An Engineering and STEM Leader Among Colleges in Michigan — and Nationally 

Learn at an institution with over 100 years of preparing successful engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists and businesspeople.

Paid Work Experience — Before You Graduate

Gain up to 2.5 years of practical work experience and earn between $40,000 and $75,000 throughout your time at Kettering.

Advanced Research Facilities

Apply what you’ve learned and test out your inventions in one of Kettering’s 12 innovative labs, which include Advanced Microscopy, Crash Safety, Mobile Systems and more.

Programs at Kettering: Leading the Way in Experiential STEM Learning

From top-ranked engineering programs to distinctive, industry-specific business programs, Kettering is one of the leading colleges in Michigan for career preparation, return on investment and more.








The Student Experience at Kettering: A Lively and Tight-Knit Community

At Kettering, you’ll find that life beyond the classroom is just as exciting as the opportunities you’ll gain in our programs. Our small student body, longstanding Greek community and wide variety of clubs and organizations help you foster new friendships and have fun outside the classroom.

Kettering University Admissions Requirements for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

At Kettering, the office of admissions is committed to your success as a prospective student — and in your career. If you’re considering applying, the university admissions office will help you navigate the application process.

Prospective students without a bachelor’s degree should view undergraduate admissions requirements.

 University admissions for graduate students may vary between programs.

Financing Your Education at Kettering

If you’re looking for colleges in Michigan that offer a return on investment, look no further than Kettering. 99% of our students receive grants, loans and/or work study to help finance their education. Learn about Kettering’s affordability, financial aid opportunities, scholarships or graduate assistantships. The office of admissions is also here to answer any questions you may have about these opportunities.

“[At Kettering], you will learn countless practical lessons about real-world engineering work that students at other colleges and universities will not learn until they are two to three years into their careers.” 

Darren Walworth, Electrical Engineering Grad

Learn why attending Kettering became a family tradition for Darren Walworth (’89) and his children.

Engineer Your Path Forward. Contact the Office of Admissions Today.